About Zambia


  • Capital: Lusaka
  • Language: English
  • Currency: Zambian Kwacha
  • Money: Many ATMs accept all mayor Credit Card withdrawals with Visa, Master Card. European EC Cards are sometimes accepted at major ATMs.
  • Visa: Almost all visitors need visa which can be otained at the border.
  • Car: A Carnet is needed
  • Road Conditions: They drive on the left. Generally spoken the roads are in good condition at the main routes. They get worse in the Western part of Zambia. Overspeeding is checked regularly with radar. Fines are expensive, but police very polite.
  • Fuel: No problems getting fuel, available are diesel and petrol. but very expensive.
  • Climate: May to September sunny and cool. October to November hot and November to April rainy. Most parks are closed.
  • Accommodation: There are a lot of  Hotels  and campsites as well. Camping is also often allowed at the compound of Hotels after asking, especially in rural areas.
  • Phone: Phoning is very expensive especially with your foreign cell phone. A better way is to get an unlocked phone  (starting from US$ 50 and buy credits, which is rather cheap), especially when you plan to travel on, as you just need to change the SIM Card (about US$ 2.- per SIM Card)
  • Internet: In major cities and resorts there are internet cafes where you can surf for reasonable cost. There are also USB sticks for sale (about 80US$) which you can use on your computer. Go to a phone shop, the smaller the better, and let this stick unlock, so you can use it in whole Africa, you only need the SIM Card and Internet bundles, which are reasonable.
  • Travel further: If you go on to Namibia, you need a Visa, which you can get in Lusaka. To go to Zimbabwe, Mozambique or Botswana you need a visa as well.